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The Chuck, chuck, also sometimes four-jaw chuck, is an important part of woodturning. Because the chuck usually clamps the entire workpiece from small to large, it is very important that it is properly secured and does not come loose during turning. Also check regularly while turning whether the workpiece is still properly clamped.

For that reason we only choose recognized high-quality chucks. It is therefore important not to save on this, but to really go for quality. There are several other brands such as Oneway, Teknatool, Vicmarc, Sorby that also make good quality chucks. We currently carry Oneway produced in Canada as the main brand for our chucks.

  • high-quality materials
  • nickel plated body
  • hardened base jaws
  • manganese phosphate coated coil
  • with our patented expansion prevention system for added safety, which prevents the jaws from loosening during use.

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