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Chuck, centers etc.

Your first wood lathe.

You have taken a basic course and have become addicted to woodturning. It is important to consider what you want to play. If you have never shot before, take a beginners course to get a feel for what you like and gain tips for purchasing a sofa.

Go the wooden one pens turn or small ornaments , a small lathe that has a high speed is very useful, but also nice if it stops quickly. (by electronic brake)

Do you want (large) bowls then it is important to look at the spindle height of the bench. A lathe where you can turn the head has advantages, but we will come back to that later. In addition, it is important to use a “heavy” stable bench if you want to make large workpieces.

Do you have any ideas for this? table legs and “spindle work” then it is very important that you get a long leg between the centers. Please pay attention to the maximum distance between the centers. A table leg is around 70 cm, so you may lose another 10 cm at the beginning and end of the leg before it is ready.

It is also important to choose a wood lathe that requires extra accessories are available as an extension. The most important accessory is a chuck, also called a chuck. The most common size for these chucks is a M33 recording . This means that the M33 thread has been cut on the shaft. If you buy a (second-hand) wood lathe, it may have a different axle size and it may be difficult to find a suitable chuck. There are reducing rings on the market, but this usually results in a less accurate and stable setup.

Do you go large vases hollow out? This places great demands on the bearings when a long object is clamped only with a chuck. A lathe with a large head, and therefore a large distance between the bearings, will preserve your machine

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