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Oneway Live Center - the Unsurpassed rotating counter center

Oneway Live Center - the Unsurpassed rotating counter center

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The Oneway "Live Center" is a universal rotating counter center. The two built-in high-quality bearings run very stable.

The body of the "Live Center" is made of high-quality precision steel and is hardened and nickel-plated for greater durability. Only the front part rotates up to the bearing bush. The body itself, which contains the bearings, does not rotate during rotation, which increases safety during work.

Special features of this counter center are the interchangeable points and the 3/4" 10 tpi external thread between the point and the bearing bush.

The supplied small point can be inserted into the bore of the Live Center, so that the Live Center forms a classic centering point with a pressure ring. The pressure ring provides more grip and prevents the wood from splitting during clamping.

The inverted hollow point forms a kind of funnel and ensures that the wood can be clamped in a self-centering manner, provided it has been sawn to the correct size. The funnel is also suitable for clamping a ball.

The optionally available Oneway Live Center adapter (3/4" - 10 tpi on M33) fits the thread. Using the adapter, for example, a chuck with the Live Center can be picked up and fixed in the head. With this technique, a the head-mounted workpiece, the bottom of which has already been turned, can be aligned and fixed exactly concentrically on a chuck. The tolerance that occurs during the usual clamping of the workpiece can thus be avoided.

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Fabrikant: Drechselbedarf K.schulte
short_description: Rotating counter center of the highest quality. Very stable and the accessories offer interesting options to test the centers in different ways
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