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Cokerije Worktop oil for worktops and toys

Cokerije Worktop oil for worktops and toys

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Worktop oil for wooden worktops and toys.

This worktop oil from deCokerije has been specially developed for finishing and maintaining kitchen tops, worktops, workbenches and also wooden toys. This worktop oil is made from purely natural ingredients and is therefore food safe. So it is not a problem if food comes into contact with the worktop. This is in contrast to, for example, worktops that are finished with modern lacquers or other oils. For more information, also read our page about oil and health. This oil contains no solvents.

Consumption depends on the absorbent capacity of the wood, but on average a 500 ml can is sufficient to treat approximately 10 square meters.

The surface must be clean and dry. Dilute with Turpentine oil. Stains and tools can also be cleaned with Turpentine oil.


For bare wood, if desired, dilute the first two layers 30% and 10% respectively with Turpentine oil.

Apply a thin layer of oil with a brush

Leave for approximately 30 minutes

Remove excess oil with clean cloths so that no oil remains on the surface. Leave cloths spread out to dry!

Apply 1 layer per day and apply as many layers until the wood no longer absorbs anything. You naturally treat the wood all around, including the underside.

Any remaining oil can be stored in a Stoploss bag for future maintenance.

Cleaning the surface with Linseed Oil Soap will extend the life of the oil finish.


After application, the worktop oil dries within a few hours. However, it takes approximately 3 weeks for the oil to reach its maximum strength. So be extra careful with water and acids during these first 3 weeks to give the oil the opportunity to fully harden.

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short_description: Food-safe worktop oil for wooden worktops and toys
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