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Cokerije Teak oil 1L

Cokerije Teak oil 1L

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Teak oil

Teak wood is a popular type of wood due to its unique properties. The wood is naturally slightly oily and extremely resistant to wood rot and fungi, which is why many generations of shipbuilders have used Teak to make decks, railings and furniture on board ships. High-quality teak was and is used for these applications, but has now become very expensive. In addition to this difficult-to-find, expensive quality teak, there is now a wide range of plantation teak, which has grown much faster and is therefore of lower quality and much cheaper. A lot of (garden) furniture is made in particular from this cheaper quality, which we increasingly find in and around the house. To keep this teak furniture tidy and to protect it against weather influences and UV rays with as little work as possible, it is It is wise to maintain them with Our Teak oil is produced from natural raw materials and, like all our products, contains a large proportion of Tung oil for effective, natural protection against weather influences. Our oil is nature-friendly and economical in use. Teak furniture that is not maintained will develop a gray surface due to sunlight. This gray appearance can be prevented by regular maintenance and feeding with our teak oil. This oil not only nourishes the wood, but also provides good UV protection, which slows down graying again. Furniture that has turned gray can regain its original color before being treated with Teak oil by treating it with a solution. With heavy graying it may be necessary to sand the surface, but this can of course be prevented by timely maintenance with our oil.

Look here for detailed instructions for de-aging prior to treating with Teak oil

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Fabrikant: Drechselbedarf K.schulte
short_description: High-quality Teak oil based on the best natural raw materials, the largest share of which is Tung oil.
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