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Stainless bottle stoppers

Screw rings for urns and hollow shapes with lid 3"

Screw rings for urns and hollow shapes with lid 3"

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These high-quality CNC machined brass threaded rings offer a very high-quality finish to your masterpiece. Whether it is an urn or another hollow shape, the challenge remains making threads. When using different contrasting materials, the closure can sometimes be difficult under the influence of weather.

These beautiful brass rings always offer a good fit and are also a beautiful finish to your top pole. No plastic trickery, but a chic brass edge certainly doesn't look out of place.

The manufacturer recommends the use of a flexible 2-component adhesive, for example: West System G/Flex 650 epoxy

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Fabrikant: Drechselbedarf K.schulte
short_description: These brass threaded rings are the ideal product for creating a chic threaded fit for the lid of your urn or other hollow shape.
weight: 0.110
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