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Drechselbedarf Schulte

Stainless steel rotating counter center

Stainless steel rotating counter center

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The KS Deluxe rotating counter center is of high quality.

  • Durable - The double bearing ensures better compressive and transverse loads. When machining larger, slightly unbalanced workpieces, the bearings are not damaged or knocked out.
  • Ideal for wet wood turners - thanks to the stainless steel and encapsulated bearings, this counter center is well protected against corrosion and dust.
  • Easy to clean - no lubrication or polishing. The corrosion protection ensures a permanently smooth and clean surface.
  • For the real Pro - designed for continuous use thanks to double bearings - the design keeps heat generation low, even over several hours.

Precisely machined, sealed bearings, high resistance to lateral and downward loads. Even wood that is not precisely centered and rotates with unbalance can be safely processed.

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Fabrikant: Drechselbedarf K.schulte
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