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Cokerije Tung oil raw

Cokerije Tung oil raw

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Raw Tung Oil

Tung oil or Chinese wood oil is the queen among wood oils and has a large number of applications. It is one of the most important ingredients of our ready-made products.

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Tung oil can be diluted with Turpentine oil if desired .


  1. This Raw Tung Oil has a drying time of at least one week. If you want to work faster, choose the Improved Tung Oil (= Boiled Tung Oil)
  2. At lower temperatures , the wax particles naturally present in raw Tung Oil crystallize from what becomes visible as a white substance. This can easily be solved by briefly placing the oil in a container of plenty of warm water (40 degrees or more) until the wax particles are completely dissolved and a clear oil is obtained. A 5-liter jerry can of Raw Tung Oil can also be heated in the microwave at 700 Watts for approximately 4 minutes to dissolve the wax again. The Improved Wood Oil does not experience this phenomenon.
  3. During the pressing and filtering of Raw Tung Oil, a little very fine pulp is always included, which passes the filter cloths. When the oil stands for a while, this pulp sinks to the bottom of the package and forms a white substance that, unlike the wax particles, does not dissolve when heated. This pulp does not affect the effectiveness or protection of the oil and some deposits are normal and part of this natural product.

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Fabrikant: Drechselbedarf K.schulte
short_description: Raw tung oil
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