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Carp Scale Gouge 13mm - CBG13

Carp Scale Gouge 13mm - CBG13

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Discover the CARP Scale Gouge 13 mm: Mastery in Woodturning!

Use the power of the CARP 13 mm Bowl Gouge to effortlessly create bowls and other beautiful shapes in transverse wood. These shell gouges are made of durable round steel and have a milled, parabolic flute/shape. Combined with the fingernail profile, this chisel offers unparalleled versatility. The optimal sharpening angle of approximately 55 degrees enhances performance.

The CARP Scale Gouges are available in 10, 13 and 16 mm, allowing you to choose the perfect size for your project. The handle, made of European beech wood, extends over a comfortable length of 32 cm.

Go for mastery in woodworking with the CARP Scale Gouge 13 mm and discover the limitless possibilities that this chisel has to offer. Add these high-quality tools to your collection and enjoy the difference that craftsmanship can make! This range has been carefully compiled and designed by none other than the most famous Dutch woodturner, Ronald Kanne.

Explore for yourself the versatility of the Carp product line that is available at the Hout Draaiwinkel. Whether you choose the 13mm for detailed work, the 16mm for larger spindle turning, or the 10mm for delicate accents, Carp guarantees high-quality performance and excellent craftsmanship. Don't wait any longer and add these masterful chisels to your tool collection today!

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Fabrikant: Drechselbedarf K.schulte
short_description: The new generation of top woodturning chisels from Carp
weight: 1.000
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