Oneway Stronghold 2106 #3 profile jaws

Oneway Stronghold 2106 #3 profile jaws

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Clamping jaws with profile jaws for the Stronghold chuck from Oneway.

These profile jaws provide maximum grip with a suitable chamber/tenon.


Clamping range:

Inside: approx. 98 - 133 mm

Outside: approx. 114 - 152 mm



Different terms are used for the clamping ranges.

We use the terms "outside" and "inside".

Inside = clamping or clamping of the workpiece

Outside = spreading or expanding the clamping jaws

Specification table

Fabrikant: Drechselbedarf K.schulte
short_description: These Oneway Stronghold cymbals are very suitable for heavy work. The profile jaws give you maximum grip on large workpieces.
weight: 1.970
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