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König Holz&Harz

König friction polish

König friction polish

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Handmade high-quality polish from mineral oils, alcohols and natural resins. This particularly high-quality polish also makes it possible to produce a high-gloss surface on workpieces with a diameter of more than 10 cm, as was previously the case with other friction polishes.

Shellac from the food industry, this is also used as a coating agent for apples or candies.

  • Pure alcohol >= 99
  • Pure, filtered, healthy virgin linseed oil
  • No drying agents or other additives


After using our sanding paste "Wood coarse" or "Wood fine", apply a little friction polish to a soft, easily tearing and lint-free cloth (kitchen towel).

Please note: For safety reasons, we recommend an easy-tear paper towel. However, polishing is better with a cotton cloth. However, make absolutely sure that you NEVER wrap the cloth around your finger(s). Always keep the cotton cloth BETWEEN your thumb and fingers. If the cloth becomes pinched, it will be torn from your hand, leaving your fingers free.

Apply the friction polish with a cloth while the lathe is stopped or turning slowly, about 500 revolutions per minute. The rotation speed can then be increased from approximately 500 - 1500 rpm, depending on the diameter of the workpiece. To achieve a high gloss, the polish must be heated by friction. This is done by slowly increasing the pressure of the cloth on the surface. Too little pressure does not produce a shine, too much pressure makes the shine disappear. The correct pressure is quickly learned.

Once the surface is dry, the process can be repeated after 1-2 minutes, even several times. This results in a resistant surface with even more shine and depth.


Autoxidation in the oil-soaked cloth is accompanied by heat, which can cause spontaneous combustion of the oil-soaked cloth.

Never stack or wrinkle the soaked cloths to avoid the risk of fire. Spread the cloths flat to dry and then throw them in the garbage.

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