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Crown Hand tools

Woodturning chisel Crown CRYO shape gouge 10 or 13mm

Woodturning chisel Crown CRYO shape gouge 10 or 13mm

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Crown CRYO shaping gouges are among the top woodturning chisels in the world. As is generally known, Crown comes from Sheffield in the United Kingdom, the “place to be” for good tool steel.

CRYO stands for: cryogenic technology. This is a technically complex process in which the HSS steel undergoes a heat and cooling treatment, during which it is cooled to minus 185°C using liquid nitrogen. This is a very specialized computer-controlled process, which results in the steel's uniquely finely ordered structure.

This results in:

  • sharper cutting edge compared to HSS (M2) steels
  • longer service life
  • better sharpening

Specification table

Fabrikant: Drechselbedarf K.schulte
slijphoek: 45
short_description: Best woodturning chisels from the Crown CRYO series, for use on hard and soft wood types.
profiel-van-de-vouw: English form
heftlengte: 250mm
wolverine-vari-grind-instellin: U=45, ST=2, VA=100mm
weight: 0.260
totale-lengte: 420mm
tormek-svd-186-instelling: U/P=65mm, JS=2, item A
toollengte: 165mm
staaltype: CRYO
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