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Drechselbedarf Schulte

Stratos XL wood lathe

Stratos XL wood lathe

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Levering in overleg 5-7 werkdagen

The STRATOS XL combines a high weight of 320KG, stability and 3 HP motor power with precision bearings and ease of use. This really is the sofa that can be used very widely. Whether it concerns extremely large vases, where the heavy bearings with a distance of no less than 290 mm, effortlessly absorb the extreme forces on the fixed head, to turning XXL bowls up to 55 cm above the sofa bed, or much larger outside the Bank. Thanks to the extremely quiet running and high speed, miniature work, pens and treads can also be turned on it.

Bed extension and outside swivel device are also available as options for this sofa.

Important features of the STRATOS XL at a glance:

  • High weight (320KG) and smooth running thanks to heavy cast construction (workbench, head, tail, foot and hand rest made of gray cast iron)
  • Lots of power in all situations thanks to powerful 2.2 kW / 3 hp motor and frequency converter
  • The wide multi-belt transmission allows maximum power to be delivered in any speed range (0-1200 / 100-2200 / 150-3700). (for 80% of the work it is in the middle position)
  • Smooth starting and stopping thanks to electronic engine braking
  • Very quiet and smooth running
  • Precisely aligned centers
  • Wide speed range on all 3 spindle levels, with most work being done on the middle level (i.e. without shifting the belt)
  • 9 (!) mounting points for the optionally available combined external swivel device/bed extension 500 mm; mounting holes on the left or right of the sofa bed Front of the sofa bed (for ergonomic working and even smoother walking or even more center height) Each on the front and side of the cast legs
  • Tailstock with 150 mm trapezoidal thread pinole with size indication
  • Large center height of standard 280 mm (with outside bench turning diameters up to 1 m possible!)
  • The Stratos XL is unique in this machine class.

Basic equipment of the Stratos XL

  • Sofa bed, base, head and tail made of solid gray cast iron
  • MK2 four-tooth drive
  • Rotating counter center with pressure ring and loose cone
  • Tool holder
  • Double MK2 cone for alignment
  • Ejector rod
  • Stepless speed via frequency converter and 3 band steps
  • 24 - stair divider
  • Leaning trowel 400 mm (with 30 mm shaft)
  • Screw plate 150 mm incl. open-end wrench
  • Prepared for the optionally available bed extension / external swivel device (can be mounted in 7 positions!)
  • Rotatable and sliding head
  • Motor with forward and reverse rotation
  • Mounting bracket with hole (for accessories, e.g. suction hood)
  • Holder for operating tools
  • Magnetic movable keypad
  • Steel handwheel

Excluding transport costs

Specification table

Fabrikant: Drechselbedarf K.schulte
Afmetingen: 1800 x 620 x 1300 mm
lagerafstand: 290mm
gewicht: 320KG
fabrikant: Drechselbedarf K.schulte
draaidiameter-boven-het-bed: 560mm / 1000mm with external turning device
draaibare-kop: Rotatable
centerhoogte: 280mm
centerbreedte: 750mm
afmetingen: 1800 x 620 x 1300 mm
weight: 320.000
verplaatsbare-bediening: Yes
vermogen: 2.2kW/3HP
toerental: 60-1200 / 100-2200 / 150-3700
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