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König Holz&Harz

König Wood Cream PLUS

König Wood Cream PLUS

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Cares for and protects your wood, penetrates deep into the wood and creates a water-repellent surface. 100% natural, made from tung oil, natural tree resins and beeswax . Made in Germany.

König Holz und Harz wood cream can be used to create water-repellent surfaces. It is therefore ideal for bowls, drinking cups, cutting boards and other objects that come into contact with liquids in the household. The wood preservative with natural ingredients protects against pollution and penetrating moisture. The wood cream gives turned cups, cups, bowls, but also wooden furniture and wooden toys a silky, natural shine without discoloring the wood.

With the wood cream from König Holz und Harz, which is composed of natural oils, waxes and resins, you can treat your workpieces with natural, old-fashioned raw materials. When applied, the oil is absorbed deep into the wood pores and solidifies as it hardens. The beeswax and tree resin form a stable, elastic dirt- and water-repellent layer on the wood surface. The impregnated wood surface is optimally protected against liquids and moisture. The absence of chemical additives or solvents makes the surface food safe. Therefore, the wood cream is ideal for children's toys and wooden workpieces such as drinking cups, cups, bowls, ladles or spoons.

If a treated surface becomes dirty, for example due to food remains, it can simply be wiped off again. That is why Wood Cream is also ideal for worktops and dining tables.

Ingredients Wood Cream

Tung oil, natural tree resins and beeswax.

The most important features at a glance

  • Very film-forming - waterproof after 3-4 coats
  • Food safe
  • Made from renewable raw materials
  • No additives
  • Natural protection of the wood without harmful components
  • The surface is less sensitive to light scratches and resistant to cracking
  • The wood remains open to scattering and retains its natural character

Application examples of König Holz und Harz Wood Cream

  • Drinking cups
  • Bowls
  • Salad bowls
  • Spoons and household cutlery
  • Cutting boards
  • Worksheets
  • Dining tables

Method of applying wood cream

Condition of the wood before applying the wood cream

The wood must be dry before processing, i.e. have a moisture content of 10 - 15%.

Hardwood is ideally suited, fine-pored hardwood is best for watertight vessels.

Old layers of paint must be removed, the wood must be able to absorb moisture.

The wood can be pre-treated with König Holz und Harz linseed oil and tung oil varnish or hard wax oil.

The surface should be sanded to 240 grit.

Sanding dust must be removed before application

Application on the wood lathe

When your workpiece is properly prepared, apply a thin layer of wood cream with a lint-free cloth at room temperature while the machine is stationary. Leave the workpiece for 24 hours and wipe off the excess if necessary. Repeat the process a second and third time. If no film remains after the third coat, the wood is still absorbent and a fourth coat should be applied.

The wood can be polished before the third coat.

After 3-4 days your object is hardened and waterproof. Note that the cream is not suitable for vessels with stagnant water. In flower vases, for example, the wood cream will eventually wear off.

Applying wood cream by hand to tables, worktops, cutting boards and the like

Prepare your paper as described above. The best way to apply the wood cream to larger surfaces is with a spatula. Spread the cream over the table and leave the excess. Repeat this process after 24 hours. For an even better coat, you can also repeat the process a third or fourth time.

Specification table

Fabrikant: Drechselbedarf K.schulte
short_description: Wood cream for food-safe finishing of kitchen utensils
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