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Hope Woodturning

Hope Sanding aid set for woodturners

Hope Sanding aid set for woodturners

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The Pro Sander consists of a handle and an interchangeable sanding sole with Velcro closure. The sanding plate rotates freely and is therefore a very handy and cheap alternative to sanding with a drill. This makes it possible to sand any workpiece quickly and safely in no time. A magnet is integrated into the rotating head that helps to keep the sanding soles in place.

Individual adjustment of the angle in a few seconds, safe use for deeper bowls, protruding flanks on bowls with natural edges, vases and more. It makes sense to use the sanding disc in the lower, left part of the workpiece. As soon as the left side of the sanding disc touches the workpiece, it starts to rotate. If the sanding disc is now moved all the way to the center, an astonishingly efficient sanding effect begins. The basic housing guarantees a long service life and safe adjustment. The sanding discs should always be attached to a soft or super soft Velcro tape. On the one hand, this ensures that the sandpaper can adapt better to the rotated shape, and on the other hand, it reduces the risk of damage to the sanding disc itself.

The scope of delivery includes the handle, three sanding discs in diameters 36 mm, 47 mm and 72 mm. For each sanding disc there is a soft black sanding sole and an extra soft red sanding sole. The latter is suitable for particularly tight bends.

Now also with sandpaper. This set contains 2 sandpapers in each size and each grit from 120 - 600, so 36 sandpapers in total.

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