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Hope Woodturning

Hope 19mm XXL carbide hollowing tool

Hope 19mm XXL carbide hollowing tool

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An excellent, very heavy duty hollowing tool for removing material from larger workpieces.

Suitable for hollow shapes with an opening of 30 mm or more.

The cutting head has a teardrop shape and can be rotated to allow undercutting. It is equipped with a 6mm carbide cutting head. The back has a holder for an optional 23mm scraper plate, which is used for the final cut. There is also an optional 12mm scraper available with a similar tear-shaped recording.

Especially with deep vases you work with a lot of overhang, which is why this tool is equipped with a 6 mm cutting head. This is less aggressive and guarantees safe work, even with large workpieces.

This tool is part of the Hope Easy hollowing system, but can also be used with any other 19mm handle.

Also check the optional attributes at the bottom of the page.

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