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Hope CRYO MIDI 23mm round scraper for deep vases

Hope CRYO MIDI 23mm round scraper for deep vases

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Efficient scraper for neatly finishing end grain wood. For example for pots, vases and other open, deep shapes. The HSS scraper is at a 45° angle to the square axis. The preset cutting angle of 45° always guarantees safe working and the controlled, optimal material removal required for a clean, pulling cut.

The scraper always works in the same position. About 1/4 of the cutting edge is used. If the cutting edge becomes dull at the working point, it can first be rotated 90° three times each time. The scraper plate can then be resharpened, for example with a diamond file. To do this, create a burr on the cutting edge with the file.


The Midi scraper is suitable for small to medium-sized open shapes.

The XXL scraper is for large, open shapes; to a depth of approx. 40 cm (this corresponds to half the total length).

The Midi scraper fits into the blue Hope Deluxe Midi handle or into the quick-release handle with the center clamp head.

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Fabrikant: Drechselbedarf K.schulte
short_description: Scraper for perfect finishing of deep hollow shapes
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