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Cokerije Improved Wood Oil - Tung Oil 1L

Cokerije Improved Wood Oil - Tung Oil 1L

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This Tung oil has been coked, which gives it a higher quality and is also easier to process than pure Tung oil.

The 3 liter packaging is a storage bag, comparable to the Stoploss bags, but in a 3 liter variant. This means the oil does not dry in the packaging, you can use all the oil and you do not have to throw anything away.

Also immediately order the necessary accessories such as brushes, cleaning cloths and the like.

As with all oils, we recommend pouring the cans directly into a Stoploss Bag, so that the oil in the packaging does not come into contact with oxygen and dry out in the packaging.

A more detailed description below:

Wood oil, improved

The highest quality wood oil, but even better...

deCokerije supplies the best natural oils for all types of wood, metal and stone. Many people when they say "wood oil" do not mean anything more than "some oil that you can spread on wood", which is therefore both a quality product. as a cheap messy oil can be. When we say "wood oil" we mean the highest quality Tung oil.

More information about Tung Oil can be found via this link. One of the properties of real wood oil (Tung oil) is that it is naturally quite thick and therefore sometimes difficult to process. For this reason, Tung oil is often offered diluted or it is advised to dilute the oil before application.

However, by properly coking wood oil with a blend of other high-quality natural oils, we have succeeded in making high-quality wood oil that does not contain solvents but is thin and easy to process. This improved wood oil is extremely suitable for outdoor work, protects the wood against water and UV radiation, penetrates deep into the wood and therefore protects against graying and dehydration. Due to the selected mix of drying agents, this oil also dries evenly, preventing wrinkled surfaces.

Lightly sand the wood, apply the Cokerije improved wood oil in thin layers with a cloth or brush. Remove excess oil residue after approximately 20 minutes. Repeat as necessary. For indoor and outdoor work..

This product is ready-made, but if you want to dilute or clean your tools properly, it is best to use turpentine oil, see the product information for this product where you can read all about it.


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Fabrikant: Drechselbedarf K.schulte
short_description: This Tung oil has been coked, which gives it a higher quality and is also easier to process than pure Tung oil.
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