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Cokerije Impregnation Oil

Cokerije Impregnation Oil

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New wood is treated with impregnation oil to ensure that the wood has the longest possible lifespan. Impregnating oil makes it difficult for moisture to penetrate the wood, which keeps the wood drier and therefore less likely to be affected by wood rot.

Much garden wood is treated with harmful chemicals to give the wood a longer lifespan. Our Impregnating Oil, on the other hand, exclusively uses the properties that Mother Nature has given to her products.

Our specially developed Impregnating Oil is a completely natural oil from sustainable sources. This mix has been developed in such a way that the oil penetrates deep into the wood to protect it from the inside and also provides excellent adhesion for the final finish to be applied.

This product contains, among other things, tung oil, linseed oil and rosin.

It is suitable for all dark wood types, both indoors and outdoors, and is finished with one of our other products such as Bankirai oil, Hardwood oil, Teak oil or Improved Danish oil.

In addition to good impregnation, impregnation oil ensures excellent adhesion of the final finish to the substrate.

Impregnating oil is not a finished product. Impregnating oil is finished with one of our other products.

Impregnating oil contains Tung oil. The Tung oil that we use in our Impregnating oil is also called Chinese wood oil and is known as "the queen of all wood oils" due to its unique properties. For example, Tung oil is not only used in our Impregnating Oil because of its excellent water-repellent properties, but it also does not yellow, it is resistant to many (cleaning) chemicals, it provides a beautifully protective film and it is also UV-resistant.


Because this oil also contains linseed oil, it yellows and darkens light wood types. This effect is less noticeable on dark wood types.

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