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Cokerije Improved Danish Oil

Cokerije Improved Danish Oil

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Improved Danish oil: A modern recipe from long-gelled...

Read the background and instructions for use of Danish oil here. Danish Oil is also called Danish oil and has been used for several hundred years to finish wood. Danish oil refers to a mix of different ingredients that can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Our distant ancestors mainly used linseed oil to finish their wooden workpieces, the purpose of which was primarily to protect against wood rot. For some pieces, such as the Sunday carriage, it would of course also be nice if it would shine beautifully; something that was not easy with linseed oil. No, for shine you had to use a so-called varnish consisting of dissolved resins. But yes, those varnishes were, as it were, on the wood instead of being absorbed so deeply.

On the one hand we had linseed oil that impregnated but did not shine very much and on the other hand we had varnish that did not impregnate but did shine. It was therefore a matter of waiting until someone would add these two ingredients together to make something that was impregnated but that would also give a nice shine with enough layers. We have not yet been able to find out who it was, but it is obvious to assume that it was a Dane who developed such a nice recipe that made this mix known to the world as Danish oil. Even today, Danish oil is still widely used by, for example, wood turners and to protect outdoor work. As mentioned, the mix of ingredients differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, but one of the disadvantages of traditional Danish oils is the fact that it requires quite a few layers before the wood is saturated. We have managed to improve this property in particular by working with an extremely high proportion of oil and resin and only very little (approximately 10%) solvents in our product. Our Danish oil is a coking of mainly natural, drying oils and rosin. This Danish oil therefore has a strong, wear-resistant film and great impregnating capacity. Colofonium is added to our Danish oil to give the Drenic oil a higher shine.

For outdoor applications, the wood must first be provided with a layer of Impregnating Oil or diluted Improved Wood Oil.

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Fabrikant: Drechselbedarf K.schulte
short_description: The best Danish oil prepared on Dutch soil
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